Numismatische literatuur, nieuw & antiquarisch / numismatic literature


Basu, S.P. THE SECOND SUPPLEMENTARY CATALOGUE OF COINS TO VOL. I / COLLECTION INDIAN MUSEUM CALCUTTA. 1977 ed., cloth (low quality), 25 x 18 cm., 84 pages, I plate monograms and symbols.For the first time Rûpyamas of ancient Indian literary tradition has been identified and presented as well as Kârsâpanas of 32 Rati standard in round drum-shaped (lead-puffed) silver coins. € 11,60

Jain, R. ANCIENT INDIAN COINAGE. 1995 ed., cloth, 22.5 x 14.5 cm., xiii, 247 pages, 50 illustrations, abbrevations, index. A systematic study of money economy from the Janapda period to early medieval (600BC–1200AD). Volume 8 of 'Reconstructing Indian history and culture'. € 19,25

Kamalakar, G. & Veerender, M. COINS FROM VEERAPUM EXCAVATIONS. 1991 ed., paperback, 22 x 13.5 cm., ii, 50 pages, illustrated. Study on the Veerapum (located on the banks of the river Krishna) site and the coins excavated. € 7,25

Kumar Jha, A (editor). COINAGE, TRADE AND ECONOMY (third international colloguium january 8th - january 11th 1991). 1991 ed., hardbound, 28.5 x 22 cm., xxiii, 236 pages, XVIII plates, list of abbrevations, charts, tables etc. In total 29 contributions from authors well-known on the subject coinage, trade and economy of India. A publ. of the Indian Institute of Research in Numismatic studies. On request we supply a xerox of the contents of this fine book. € 33,50

Lahiri, B. INDIGENOUS STATES OF NORTHERN INDIA (Circa 200 BC to 320 AD). 1974 ed., cloth (low quality), 25 x 16,5 cm., xvi, 398 pages, VI plates. Detailed history of the various 'local' monarchies and 'tribal' oligarchies of Northern India of the so-colled 'Dark Period' which covers some 500 yrs. From the fall of the Mauryas to the rise of the Guptas. € 19,25

Lane-Poole, S. THE COINS OF THE MOGHUL EMPERORS OF HINDUSTAN IN THE BRITISH MUSEUM. Reprint (1993) of the 1892 ed., hardbound (low quality), 22 x 15 cm., 401 pages, XXXIII plates illustrating some 1200 typical specimens of Moghul coins from the foundation of the Empire by Babar, Humayun & Akbar to its gradual absorption by the East India Comp. € 62,60

Mani, C. [Edit.]. A MACRO STUDY OF EARLY INDIAN COINS. First ed.1999, hardbound, 24.5 x 19 cm., xiii, 154 pages, VI colour plates. Various contributions on early Indian coinage from 6th century BC - 7th century AD. € 28,80

Mitchiner, M. THE ORIGINS OF INDIA COINAGE. 1973 ed., paperback (very poor binding), 25 x 18 cm., 179 pages, IX plates. Indian coinage commenced in the complex of states centred on the valleys of the Ganges, Narbada & Indus rivers at a period well before Chandragupta Maurya established the Mauryan Empire in the late 4th century BC. € 19,25

--: THE COINAGE AND HISTORY OF SOUTHERN INDIA VOL.I: KARNATAKA — ANDHRA. 1998 ed., casebound, 31.5 x 21.5 cm., 280 pages, over 1200 coins catalogued and illustrated. € 96,25

--: THE COINAGE AND HISTORY OF SOUTHERN INDIA VOL.II: TAMILNADU — KERALA. 1998 ed., casebound, 31.5 x 21.5 cm., 280 poages, over 1200 coins catalogued and illustrated. € 96,25

Pokharna, P. COINS AND COIN HOARDS OF RAJASTHAN. Jaipur 1997, hardbound, 28.5 x 22.5 cm., ix, 217 pages, XLIX plates in colour and black/white. € 38,50

Prakash Sarasvati, S.S. & Singh, R. COINAGE IN ANCIENT INDIA. 1986 ed., 2 volumes, hardb., 25 x 16 cm., 533 p, XXIII pl. A numismatic, archaeochemical and metallurgical study from earliest times to ± 1000 AD. € 55,35

Prakash Singh, J. COINAGE OF BENGAL AND ITS NEIGHBOURHOOD. 1980 ed., 32 p., II plates, soft covers. € 5,70

Rajgor, D. STANDARD CATALOGUE OF SULTANATE COINS OF INDIA. 1992 ed., soft covers (low quality), 28 x 22 cm., 230 pages, fully illustrated, valuations, rulers index, charts etc. € 48,00

Ramesan, N. A CATALOGUE OF THE VIJAYANAGAR COINS OF THE ANDRA PRADESH GOVERNMENT MUSEUM. 1979 ed., paper covers (very poor), 27.5 x 21.5 cm., 131 pages, XXI plates, one fold-out. Descripton of Vijayanagar coins found in the Amaravati and Nalgonda hoard from 1336—1614 AD. Chronology and genealogy of Vijayanagar Kings, symbols and legend etc. Fine book though very poor printing and binding. € 9,50

Sarma, R. COINAGE OF TRIPURA. 1980 ed., 44 pages, II plates, soft covers (very poor). € 4,50

Shrimali, K.M. HISTORY OF PAÑCÃLA TO CA. AD 550 / VOL. I / A STUDY. 1983 ed., cloth, 28 x 22 cm., 267 pages, XXXII plates. This volume contains chapters on religion and art and a numismatic study from post-Mauryan to Gupta periods. € 40,85

--: HISTORY OF PAÑCÃLA, VOL. II: CORPUS OF COINS. 1985 ed., cloth, 28 x 22 cm., 161 pages, XIX plates. All coins found at the Ahicchatra excaviton and unpublished coins from various museums. € 28,80

Singhal, C.R. THE COINS OF THE SULTANS OF GUJARAT IN THE PRINCE OF WALES MUSEUM, BOMBAY. Reprint (1979) of the 1935 ed., hardbound, 23 x 15 cm., 155 pages, XI plates. Covering abt. 1403—1584 AD. € 36,00

Trivedi, S.D. MASTERPIECES IN THE STATE MUSEUM LUCKNOW. 1989 ed., hardbound, 120 pages, illustrated (in colour). € 14,50*

Waddell, I.A. THE INDO - SUMERIAN SEALS DECIPHERED. Discovering Sumerians of the Indus valley as Phoenicians, Barats, Goths and Vedic Aryans 3100—2300 BC. Reprint (1976), hardbound (low quality) 22 x 14 cm., 146 pages, 42 illustrations, two maps. € 12,95