Numismatische literatuur, nieuw & antiquarisch / numismatic literature


(weights, countermarks, traditional, unusual, counterfeits, miscellaneous)



Houben, G.M.M. HET WEGEN - WEINIG BEKENDE "GEWICHTIGE" ONDERWERPEN. 2000 ed., Xerox-copie 16 x 24 cm., gelijmd, in huisvlijt vervaardigd, 37 pag., illustraties. Onderwerpen die weinig in de literatuur aan bod komen worden hier behandeld. € 5,50

Kunis, K.W. NEUESTE ILLUSTRIERTE MÜNZ-, MAASS-, UND GEWICHTSKUNDE. AUTHENTISCHE ABBILDUNG UND BESCHREIBUNG DER GEGENWÄRTIG KURSIRENDE GOLD- UND SILBERMÜNZEN ALLER LÄNDER. Leipzig 1879, 5th ed., hardbound, Band I (keine weitere Bände erschienen): 88 pages, LXVI plates with gold or silver illustrations. € 68,00*

McClean, J.R. THE ORIGIN OF WEIGHT. Reprint (1979) of the 1912 ed., soft covers, 21.5 x 14 cm., 61 pages. Interesting booklet on weights of ancient times. No illustrations. € 5,90

MacDonald, G. THE SILVER COINAGE OF CRETE / A METROLOGICAL NOTE. Reprint (1974) of the 1919 ed., 29 pages, I plate. Systematic survey of Cretan coinweights. € 5,90

Pellicer i Bru, J. . REPERTORIO PARAMÉTRICO - METROLÓGICO ANTIGUO. Madrid 1997, paperback 24 x 17 cm., 250 pages, abt. 150 tables. Weight: 0,70 kg. € 30,00*

Woolhouse, W.S.B. HISTORICAL MEASURES, WEIGHTS, CALENDERS & MONEY OF ALL NATIONS AND AN ANALYSIS OF THE CHRISTIAN, HEBREW AND MUHAMMADAN CALENDARS WITH TABLES UP TO 2000 AD. Reprint (1979) of the 1890 ed., hardbound, 19 x 11 cm., viii, 242 pages, some illustrations. € 21,50


Cresswell, O.D. EARLY COINAGE OF SOUTH EAST ASIA. 1974 ed., stapled, 21 x 14 cm., 46 pages, X plates. Unusual trade money of the kings of Lannatai and Lanchang such as tiger tongue, shell money etc. € 7,25

Cribb, J. MAGIC COINS OF JAVA, BALI AND THE MALAY PENINSULA, THIRTEENTH TO TWENTIETH CENTURIES [A catalogue based on the Raffles collection of coin-shaped charms from Java in the British museum]. 1999 ed., hardbound 28.5 x 22 cm., 208 pages, LXXX plates. Based on over a thousand examples, classification into 333 different types was necessary, according to date and place. Weight: 1,2 kg. € 63,50

Köhler-Osbar, Sammlung. VORMÜNZLICHE ZAHLUNGSMITTEL UND AUßERGEWÖHNLICHE GELDFORMEN. Band II/1 [China, Annam, Korea & Japan] + Band II/2 [Südostasien, Afrika und anderen Teilen der Welt]. Duisburg 1993, paperback 27.8 x 21 cm., 214 + 150 pages, profusely illustrated. Weight: 1,25 kg. € 55,00*

Opitz, C. AN ETHNOGRAPHIC STUDY OF TRADITIONAL MONEY. First ed.2000, hardbound 28 x 22 cm., 411 pages containing over 1200 pictures of which 150 in colour. Separate price list (32 pages). Index, bibliography. The successor of "Odd and Curious" totally revised and updated. Weight: 1.8 kilogram. € 85,00

Quiggin, A.H. A SURVEY OF PRIMITIVE MONEY. Reprint (1992) of the 1963 ed., 21.5 x 14 cm., paperback, xxii, 344 pages, XIII plates, Introduction by C.J.Opitz. Extensive study on primitive means of payment, loaded with data. € 32,00


Gamberini di Scarfèa, C. LE IMITAZIONI E LE CONTRAFFAZIONI MONETARIE NEL MONDO. PARTE QUARTA, TOMO PRIMO. ZECCHE ESTERE MEDIOEVALI E MODERNE: SVIZZERA, FRANCIA, PAESI BASSI, UNGHERIA, POLONIA. Reprint (1972) of the Bologna 1959 ed. Paperback 24 x 17 cm., 243 pages, illustrated. Weight: 0.42 kg. € 40,00

--: LE IMITAZIONI E LE CONTRAFFAZIONI MONETARIE NEL MONDO. PARTE TERZA: ZECCHE ITALIANE MEDIOEVALI E MODERNE. Reprint (1972) of the Bologna 1956 ed. Paperback 24.5 x 17.5 cm., 345 pages, illustrated. Weight: 0.77 kg. € 51,00

Prober, K. FALSIFICADAS "OBSIDIONAIS" AS PRIMEIRAS MOEDAS DO BRASIL AUTENTICAS. 1987 ed., paper covers, 23.5 x 16.5 cm., 92 pages, illustrated. Discussion on the obsidional coinage of Pernambuco ‘found’ during the construction of highway BR101. € 16,00

Weege, G.-V. MÜNZFÄLSCHUNGEN [Mit über 1000 Gegenüberstellungen echt - falsch]. 1st ed.2005, paperback 30 x 23 cm., 304 pages, illustrated in colour and black/white. Mainly devoted to German falsifications, some foreign. Interesting articles and background info.  German text. Weight: 1,2 kg. € 49,50

--: MÜNZFÄLSCHUNGEN - DEUTSCHES KAISERREICH 1871 - 1918. 1st ed.2008, paperback 30 x 23 cm., 336 pages, illustrated in colour and black/white. Strictly devoted to German Empire 1871-1918 falsifications. Coin technology, methods of counterfeiting, scientifical methods using RFA - REM - LFM, enlargements and edge recognition. German text. Weight: 1,6 kg. € 95,00



Carlton, R.S. THE INTERNATIONAL ENCYCLOPÆDIC DICTIONARY OF NUMISMATICS. 1996 ed., hardbound, 444 pages, abt. 500 illustr. in colour and black/white. Basic tool for numismatists defining money related terminology from multiple (39) languages. € 36,00

Dannenberg, H. GRUNDZÜGE DER MÜNZKUNDE. Revised reprint (1978) of the 1912 ed., hardbound, 17 x 11 cm., 334 pages, XI plates. Fine and clear introduction to numismatics. € 11,50

Dekesel, Chr.E.  A BIBLIOGRAPHY OF 17TH CENTURY NUMISMATIC BOOKS. First ed.2003, three volumes. Indices. 3190 pages, casebound in cloth gilt 28 x 21.5 cm., colour jackets. Fully illustrated. A monumental work on numismatic books from 1601 - 1700. Winner of the AINP book prize for 2003. Weight: 7,50 kg. € 596,00

Flämig, O. MONOGRAMME AUF MÜNZEN, MARKEN, ZEICHEN UND URKUNDEN. 3rd ed.2003, hardbound 24 x 19,5 cm., 424 pages, abt. 6500 illustrated and explained. Standard work, updated and new format. Weight: 1,24 kg. € 49,00

--: as before. The first ed. MONOGRAMME AUF MÜNZEN UND URKUNDEN. Köln 1961, paper covers 29.5 x 20.5 cm., 70 pages, illustrated. Cover a bit torn. € 10,00*

Galloway, A. ILLUSTRATED COIN DATING GUIDE FOR THE EASTERN WORLD. 1984 ed., paperback 22.5 x 15 cm., 136 pages, illustrated. Converts unfamiliar dating characteristics on non-Western coins to appropriate western dates. Useful booklet. € 10,00

Gesink, G. HANDBOEK VOOR ZOEKERS [Schatkist vol informatie over metaaldetectors, zoektechnieken, vindplaatsen, vondsten en langverborgen zoekgeheimen]. 2e editie 2010, paperback 24 x 17 cm., 352 pages, abt. 1400 illustrations in colour. Dutch text. Weer zeer veel waardevolle informatie voor de detectorzoeker in deze tweede druk Gewicht: 0,88 kg. € 39,90

--: HANDBOOK FOR DETECTORIST [A 'treasure chest' of information about metal detectors, techniques, sites, finds and well-kept secrets]. 2005 ed., paperback 24 x 17 cm., 350 pages, abt. 1400 illustrations in colour. English text. Weight: 0,87 kg. € 39,90

Hoberman, G. THE ART OF COINS AND THEIR PHOTOGRAPHY. 1981 ed., cloth, 26 x 21 cm., 268 pages, CXXXII plates in colour and black/white, line-drawings etc. Technique, history, the works. Complete. € 105,00

Klingenbrunn, M. DEUTSCHE PORZELLANMARKEN VON 1708 BIS HEUTE. 1990 ed., hardbound, 19 x 13.5 cm., illustrated. Alphabetical listing of all know German porcelain marks. Index to issuing companies. € 16,00

Mackay, J.A. COIN FACTS AND FEATS. 1993 ed., paperback, 25 x 17.5 cm., 264 pages, illustrated. Unusual facts about money (collecting). € 24,00

Muntkoerier (edit.). MUNT ABC (lexicon van A tot en met Z voor elke muntverzamelaar; alfabetisch register van munten uit binnen- en buitenland). 1986 ed., paperback, 232 pages, illustrated. € 9,00

Polcyk, J.J. SILVER WEIGHTS / SILBER GEWICHTE (silver coin catalog 343 countries from 1750—1986). 3rd ed.1986, paperback, 124 pages. Giving fineness, gross and nett weight. German/English text. € 14,50

Scharloo, M. & Tijmann, I.D. (edit.) IMAGES FOR POSTERITY - THE CONSERVATION OF COINS AND MEDALS. 1995 ed., soft covers, 28 x 20 cm., 60 pages, 35 colour-illustrations. A bundle of papers of the symposium organized by the Royal Coin Cabinet at Leiden 1993. Various contributions of several authors on the subject. € 16,00

Schildkamp, J.B. et al DE KRONIEK VAN JOHANNES VAN LOCHEM PRIOR TE ALBERGEN 1520-1525. 1995 ed., hardbound, 524 pages, some illustrations. € 34,00

Welter, G. CLEANING AND PRESERVATION OF COINS AND MEDALS. Reprint (1994) of the 1976 ed., soft covers, 23 x 15 cm., 117 pages, some illustrations. With addendum: Curto, J.J. PAPER MONEY RESTORATION AND PRESERVATION. € 20,00


Winkowsky, H. MÜNZEN PFLEGEN - SACHGERECHTE REINIGUNG, KONSERVIERUNG UND AUFBEWAHRUNG EINER MÜNZENSAMMLUNG. 1993 ed., hardbound, 20.5 x 13.5 cm., 134 pages, illustrated. Practical and popular guide for cleaning and storage of coins and medals. € 11,50